My Asssociateship of the Royal Photographic Society

drone landscape


 I just want to share a story with you about how I came to achieve my Associate qualification with the Royal Photographic Society. It was something I'd aspired to for a while but hadn't had time or inspiration to do it.

Nigel my husband and I had worked with the EMG Symphony Orchestra for years, we loved it, the chance to photograph the orchestra was an amazing privilege. During practice we could sit amongst the orchestra and get the shots you can never achieve during a performance.The majority of my panel was shot at a particularly difficult time whilst my husband was very ill in hospital. He usually took the main shots for the EMG  concerts but that night I was all alone. Sometime the creative magic hits and as the night wore on, I thought I may have just shot my A panel.

My objective of the day was to get lots of the dynamic new conductor in action as well as take general shots for the website and publicity. I'll let you judge whether you think I achieved this. I'm happy.

If this is something you fancy having a go at, my creative tip would be don’t force a panel together, let it happen organically. I’d been wondering what to do for my A for a while but in the end it all fell into place over the best part of a day. 


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