My New Passion


“My New Toy”

My love of photography began when I was a child. I starting with a terrible Kodak Instamatic that only seemed to take blurred photos; it was too light for a small girl to hold steady. I moved into compacts then graduated to film and digital SLR’s before progressing to a Fuji mirrorless system. I have now discovered a new photography love and that is flying my camera drone. This is quite amusing as 2 weeks before I bought this I was heard to say “ I don’t like drones, I can’t see the point of them and I don’t want one”. Oh my, have I had to eat my words.

With the advent of the pandemic I had to mothball my portrait business. This is difficult in many ways but this has allowed me to get out into the wilds again and have fun taking photographs. Landscaping has always been my first love, and it’s nice to reconnect.

The scope for aerial stills photography and videography is immense. I hope to be able to use the drone for portraits of people celebrating their lives and homes when work can begin again. For now it’s all about seeing life from a different perspective, seeing things you haven’t seen before and things you have, but from another angle. It has opened my eyes to my local area to record it in a very different way.

This shows a beautiful isthmus on a section of the Cornish coast during a brilliant spell of weather in October. The maximum height you can legally fly is at 120 m, when the drone is a little black speck in the sky but it reveals sights you can only imagine from the ground.


 Top down view of tourquoise sea in Cornwall either side of a spit of land in sunshine

Isthmus - Print available in the print store



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