Wall Art

Your photos your way. Wall art makes your house a home.

We offer Italian handmade canvases from ‘Graphi Studio’ of a quality and design like you have never seen.

Transforming images into works of art

This is an exclusive opportunity, Graphi Studio do not sell to the general public and we are the only photographers in the Southwest offering their products.

We were introduced to them on a tour of their facility in the Dolomites whilst doing a newborn creative workshop.

Their craftspeople are meticulous when transforming our images into works of art that you will enjoy handing down to your children.

Our collections start at £1500

Single pieces at £500

We have a range of options for prints and frames. As with all our gifts and memories, we make every effort to source materials which are kind to the environment.

We use a couple of lovely companies for our framing depending on your requirements.

New ideas happen all the time so if you have a request for a particular kind of print, frame or any other option, get in touch – we may even already do it!

The Reveal Box

Our favourite product after wall art is the reveal box, a tactile box of interchangeable memories.

We would love to share this with you and the other products we offer after your photographic session.

It’s popular because it’s handmade and beautiful but best of all it contains your stunning HD fine art prints.

These can be placed on the sideboard or on the fireplace and changed whenever the mood takes you.

Prices from £1500

We believe this print quality is the best in the world.

Our prints are made in Italy by a company that doesn’t sell to the public. They use the most advanced technology to produce sustainable, environmentally friendly prints.

These prints are archival quality guaranteed by our printers for almost 300 years. The dyes are all water-based, and non-toxic, unlike photographic chemicals.

We care about our children’s future.