Family Photography

We love to create family portraits, including grandparents and siblings.

It’s really special when families come back six months or a year later so we get a chance to see a little person growing up. It’s even more exciting when they bring their new little brother or sister with them.

It starts with a call...

We take you on a journey of discovery through our calls to distil the essence of what you want to capture and we imagine the artwork hanging on your walls celebrating your family.

We are great listeners and love to hear your story. We continue this throughout your photographic experience in the studio.

Call to tell us how great your family is.

The importance of family photographs

We are a generation of picture takers. Technology has been a blessing but it has also been to our detriment.

I only have a few cherished photos of my grandparents that we display. We would like you to be able to show your grandchildren what your babies looked like when they were young, and their grandchildren in turn.

Your children will have a growing appreciation of their family photographs.

You will never be as young as you are now!

Giving birth and sleepless nights can make you look tired, but your little one won’t mind, they just care that you are their mummy and daddy.

Our lighting is flattering and we will make you look your best. It’s so valuable for your children to see how special they are, psychologists have shown how a child’s self-esteem is in-creased when surrounded by family portraits at home.

A relaxing and memorable studio experience...

Getting Involved

We know little people and their parents can find photographic experiences a bit tricky for many different reasons.

We know that children can have very short spans of attention and we tailor our sessions to keep them happy and engaged.

Our mummies and daddies love to get involved with our sessions to help me get the best out of them. 

Family Heirlooms

These portraits become family heirlooms, when loved ones leave us these photographs become even more precious.

The session is great fun and we have a lot of laughter in the studio. In our fast paced world where digital images get lost on hard drives, artwork is a lasting tangible benefit.

"At every stage of the process Paula went above and beyond to make this very personal experience one that we will always remember, very overwhelmed so special."

Getting prepared for your photography experience

On booking we will explains in more detail everything about your family photgraphy experience, so you can be fully prepared.

Booking as early as possible will increase your chances of a perfectly timed session I only hold 8 portrait sessions a month. I’m a busy girl so please get in touch as soon as you can.


Your photographic experience will be £150 which includes £125 to spend towards any of our products.

Wall art starts at £125 and we have a lovely variety from fine art prints to albums.

This includes your planning consultation where we will take you on a journey and customise your photographic experience to reflect you and your family's personality.

Your photographic experience where we capture the essence of the people you love the most.

A cinematic presentation of your photographs.

A premier and design consultation where we will assist you in the selection and customisation of your artwork that will bring life to your home.

Your artwork will become heirlooms for future generations to enjoy.


Our personal guarantee that you will be delighted at your design consultation or we’ll refund the cost of your voucher.