Babies, Toddlers & Children

Our Little Individual sessions are much shorter than newborn sessions.

Unlike calm chilled newborns, older babies want to move, have fun, and get involved. 

It starts with a call...

We take you on a journey of discovery through our calls to distil the essence of what you want to capture and we imagine the artwork hanging on your walls celebrating your family.

We are great listeners and love to hear your story.

This continues throughout your photographic experience in the studio.

Call us now to us what special about your family.

Our home studio is comfortable so we can capture those connections and emotions that we’ve already talked about.

Prepare for fun & some silliness.....

Your 'little individuals' don’t have a great attention span so an hour's photography session is usually plenty to create a memorable gallery to celebrate their first birthday or becoming a sitting star. We tailor our sessions to keep them happy and engaged.

At around six months, babies learn to sit all by themselves and aren’t they proud of it!

We usually get some great fun shots of this age group when they can sit unaided but before they can crawl and escape!


Mum and Dad need to be prepared for some silliness behind the camera to help coax out those gorgeous giggles and gurgles.

We suggest you travel in one set of clothes you would like your little one to be photographed in.

They love a bit of naked time on a furry rug, then you can pop them in a smarter outfit.

Getting Involved

We know little people and their parents can find photographic experiences a bit tricky for many different reasons.

Our mummies and daddies love to get involved with our sessions to help me get the best out of them.

"Paula coped very well with managing the chaos to give us some amazing shots of the whole family."

Family Heirlooms

These portraits become family heirlooms, when loved ones leave us these photographs become even more precious.

The session is great fun and we have a lot of laughter in the studio.

In our fast paced world where digital images get lost on hard drives, printed products are a lasting tangible benefit.

Our naturalistic portraits that capture the essence of your relationships don’t happen by accident.

Our style is relaxed and we go with the flow of the child. Talk to us about your special things that raise your pictures to the next level.

During the session, you will get the chance to see different print collections of artwork from our studio, giving you the chance to see in person the kind of artwork we produce.

Capturing Each Stage

It doesn’t take long for your new baby to start to develop their own personality. We love to capture these stages too.  Lying on their backs gurgling and with their legs in the air or having some tummy time can produce some images to cherish.

Babies change so much in the first year. We love it when you come back at around six months when they sit up confidently before they can crawl. A first birthday session is fun too as your little person may be taking their first steps.  

Images to Cherish

We are a generation of picture takers. Technology has been a blessing but it has also been to our detriment. I only have a few cherished photos of my grandparents that we display.

We would like you to be able to show your grandchildren what your babies looked like when they were young, and their grandchildren in turn.

Getting prepared for your photography experience

I will send you a brochure on booking that explains in more detail everything about your photographic experience, so you can be fully prepared.

I only book 8 portrait sessions a month so booking as early as possible is advisable. I’m a busy girl so please get in touch as soon as you can.


Your photography experience will be £150 which includes £95 to spend towards any of our products.

Wall art starts at £125 and we have a lovely variety from fine art prints to albums.

This includes your planning consultation where we will take you on a journey and customise your photographic experience to reflect you and your family's personality.

Your photographic experience, where we capture the essence of your children and the people you love the most.

A cinematic presentation of your photographs.

A premier and design consultation where we will assist you in the selection and customisation of your artwork that will bring life to your home.

Your Artwork will become heirlooms for future generations to enjoy.


Our personal guarantee that you will be delighted at your viewing or we’ll refund the cost of your voucher.