Expedition Namibia



Before the pandemic I was fortunate enough to travel to Namibia on a trip organised by friend and fellow photographer David Clapp.

It was an experience of a lifetime, a tough trip involving long distance road trips, uncomfortable camping, fabulous camaraderie and great food prepared by our driver/chef.

There was more sand and you knew what to do with, as you know sand and photographic equipment don’t go well together.

We camped in the desert under unexpectedly cold temperatures which we were ill unprepared for but it was great to be so close to the locations. The wind was so bad sometimes you woke up with a layer of sand across your face because it got in the tent. Despite the difficulties, the photographic conditions were generally amazing.The highlight of the trip was a helicopter ride over the desert. There was no door for the two passengers in the back. That took a bit of getting used to as there didn’t seem to be much to stop you falling out and the camera lens was grabbed as the air rushed past. If you poked your face into it your mouth filled with air and your cheeks flapped about, most peculiar. However I am still really pleased with the photos I took and I hope you will enjoy them too.

I was really pleased this image received a bronze award in the Rise International Photography Awards.

an image of sand dunes and a thorn tree getting a bronze award in the Rise iNternational photography awards


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